Ashley Bucsek
University of Michigan
Megan Butala
University of Florida
Mark Dean
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Yan Kung
Bryn Mawr College

Mingda Li
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michelle Mejia (Chair)
Molleigh Preefer
SLAC National Accelerator
Tomche Runchevski
Southern Methodist University

Sarah Saslow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Taylor Spivey (Student Position)
University of Colorado Boulder
Michael Stuckelberger
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Julia Zaikina
Iowa State University

About the Users' Organization

The Advanced Photon Source User Organization (APSUO) is an elected body that is responsible for advising the APS Associate Laboratory Director in the following areas:

  • The Organization will serve as an advocacy group for the Facility and its user community.
  • The Organization will provide advice to the ALD on matters affecting the user community.
  • The Organization will assure good communication between the APS user community and the APS management.

APS User Organization Value Statement

The APS Users Organization Steering Committee (APSUO SC) is wholly committed to fostering a culture and providing a safe space that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value the diversity that all APS users can bring in terms of different origins, races, ethnicities, genders, communities, ages, religious beliefs, scientific disciplines, geographic locations, and institutional affiliations. The Steering Committee strives to support and represent the voices of all users from all scientific endeavors: the APS user community has a voice through the APSUO SC. Any questions, comments or concerns can be shared through Ask the APSUO.